Terms and Conditions of Sale

You must agree to the following terms and conditions to use the services provided on this website.

Latest update: November 15, 2011

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "Terms") govern the relationship between CV-Word, publisher (hereinafter "Publisher") of the website www.cv-word.com and any user (hereinafter "User") of the website. These Terms have been drafted in accordance with the requirements of French law, Articles L.111-1, L. 113-3 and L. 121-18, and in compliance with the Consumer Code, sections 1369-1, 1369-2 and 1369-4 of the Civil Code.

The word "User" hereinafter designates any person making online purchases from the website.

The Terms are written and are available in French. Anyone can read, save and print these Terms from the website shop at www.cv-word.com
As the services offered on the website are expected to evolve, these Terms may be subject to change. Users are advised to refer to them before using the services found on the website.

The applicable Terms and Conditions of Sale are those which are available online on the website at the time of connection to the website or on the date an order is made. In the case of their removal from the site and the terms remaining accessible to the public via other websites or any other means, they will not be binding for the Publisher.
The user is then advised to connect directly to the site to read the Terms in effect. The date of the latest update of the Terms is found at the top and bottom of the document.

1. Scope

These Terms govern the transactions made on the website, in regards to the electronic products for sale, as well as the purchase of other products offered by the Publisher.

The User agrees to provide factual and accurate information concerning his or her person at the time of ordering.

The Terms supplement the particular conditions of sale (notably the product, price and the method of payment) to which the user has access for the purpose of choice, verification and modification during the online ordering process.

Prior to the confirmation of his or her order, the user must have read these Terms in their entirety and have declared to accept them.

These conditions apply in accordance with the legal provisions on distance selling, in particular Articles L. L. 121-16 to 121-20-5 of the Consumer Code.

2. Tender – Website publisher

Website: www.en.cv-word.com
Representative : Benoit Jan (Siret : 51356840200012)
Webmaster : Sébastien Gicquel (Siret : 51352974300017)
Adress: 13, allée de la Maison Rouge 44000 Nantes FRANCE
e-mail: inquiry@cv-word.com

3. Service description

CV-Word.com sells word documents for download via the internet (Curriculum Vitae, cover letter, etc.).

4. Prices

Services are billed on the basis of prices prevailing at the time of order. The unit rates applied to documents are indicated in the presentation of each document.
The user is informed of the price at the conclusion of his or her order.
Prices are in euros and all taxes are included.
Prevailing currency exchange rates will be applied to all purchases made from outside of the Eurozone at the time of order.

5. Use of the products

All downloading of CV templates from the website site must occur within the confines of the Terms outlined in this agreement. It is forbidden to use, reproduce, distribute, display or create derivative works based on the works that appear on the website.

6. Restrictions

Access, consultation and the use of the website is limited to the rights granted under this agreement as well as the laws and/or regulations which apply.

It is forbidden to upload, post onto the website or use in any way the website to transfer works or other content that contain or constitute viruses, worms, Trojan horses or any other codes which are hostile, disruptive and/or damaging to any computer system and/or likely to affect such a system. It is forbidden to attempt to gain unauthorized access to the system's hardware, software or networks associated with the website, or profit from services or information accidentally made available by CV-Word on or through the website. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to another person's or legal entity's Member's account, or inhibit the actions of other users on the website. You may not use misleading, false or dishonest information (e.g. false or incorrect names, email addresses or URLs) on the website and/or in the personal details section of your Member's account.

You may not under any circumstances use the website in a fraudulent manner or towards any end for which the use of the website is not reasonably intended.

7. Liability

7.1 Downloading

CV-Word.com cannot be held responsible for any malfunction not of its doing occurring during the downloading of purchased digital files.

However, in case of difficulties, CV-Word.com agrees to make every effort to allow customers to read the digital files purchased and encourages its customers to contact customer service (contact section).

7.2 Modification of files by the client

It is recognized and accepted by all parties that CV-Word declines any liability concerning the use of downloaded CV models. The buyer accepts, through this agreement, that he or she is fully capable of making good use of the downloaded product.
It is recognized and accepted by all parties that CV-Word cannot be held responsible if the customer proves incompetent in modifying the model.